Creating a Multi-Level Bill Of Material Compare Report in Windchill PDMLink

Creating a Multi-Level Bill Of Material Compare Report in Windchill PDMLink

Windchill PDMLink has many out-of-the-box reports. One of these is the Multi-Level BOM Compare report. This report can show you differences between versions, configurations, and even unrelated product structures.

The Multi-Level BOM Compare report can be accessed from the Structure page of any object. (Ref Figure. 1)

By selecting this report type, a source and a target Bill of Material are required for the comparison. By default, the product structure that the report was initiated from is automatically selected as the source for the report. The target Bill of Material must be specified. The choices are to search for and select an entirely new Bill of Material, select a specific configuration specification, or select a saved expansion criteria. (Ref Figure. 2)

The generated report will look similar to the image below. In this case, the Bill of Material comparison was done on an overloaded BOM and a BOM filtered on specific option choices. The information on the left pertains to the source Bill of Material, and on the right, the target Bill of Material. In the tabulated area, the information is showing that there are several components in the source BOM that are not in the target BOM. This type of report is valuable for BOM configuration and interrogation and change audits. (Ref Figure. 3)

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