Creating a Volume Analysis Feature in Pro/ENGINEER

There are many types of analysis features available in Pro/ENGINEER, with the most commonly used analysis type being the model Mass Properties. One of the more commonly overlooked analysis types is the One-Sided Volume Analysis. This is a great way to leverage the associative properties of Pro/ENGINEER for what may seem like an otherwise obscure task; calculating volume. While the Mass Properties can give you the overall volume of a model, the One-Sided Volume analysis takes things one step further, and provides a more practical analysis result, the usable volume of a container. The following will outline how to quickly setup and make use of this type of analysis feature. (This works best with shelled geometry).

Create a Datum Plane feature at a location you would like to analyze the volume from. For example, just below the fluid inlet for the container

If you have already “shelled” the model; move the icon above the shelled feature. (Ref Figure. 1)

Select Analysis > Model > One-Sided Volume.

Select the datum plane that defines the cut-off point of the analysis. (Ref Figure. 2)

Complete the analysis feature to add it to the model tree

Cancel the operation

*NOTE* Be sure to check the direction of your existing shell feature (shelled to the inside/outside) as changing this direction will change the mass properties and volume properties of the model.

Now the useable volume of the container can be leveraged for design studies. Changing the depth of the datum plane used in the analysis will allow testing of various geometry changes and the impact on the fluid level at certain intervals (quarter full, half full, etc…). (Ref Figure. 3)

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