Creating End Item Configurations and Instances

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Enhanced Integration Support for Requirements in PTC Integrity
Navigating Windchill 10 Project Plans
  • Navigating Windchill 10 Project Plans

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  • Introductory Level
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  • Learn the new ways of viewing the Project Plan in Windchill 10.0, including the Gantt Explorer and the new Timeline.
Assigning an Option Set to a Product
  • Assigning an Option Set to a Product

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  • Intermediate Level
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  • Before you can start assigning choices or applying an option filter to the product structure, you must have an assigned option set. In this tutorial, you take the role of a Product Manager, and assign ... (Show more)
Think PLM upgrades are painful? New white paper provides help

White Paper: Take the pain out of upgrading

Many customers hesitate to upgrade due to concerns about cost, duration, disruption, and expanding project scope. This paper details the substantial advances enabled by a Windchill 11 upgrade and the factors organizations must consider to fully realize that promise.
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