Boolean Operations in Creo Direct

Boolean Operations

You can modify part geometry by performing Boolean operations with geometry of other parts in the assembly. Sometimes it is easier to create parts in small, simple pieces, or to change a piece of an existing part. You may want to add details from other parts to the parts on which you are working. It may be faster to create the negative geometry and subtract it from your part geometry. You can use Boolean Operations to perform these tasks. Supported operations are Merge, Cut, and Intersect which you can select from the list in the Boolean Operations box on the floating dashboard or by clicking Home > Boolean Operations. The merge, cut, and intersect operations are described below: Cut— Subtracts geometry of selected modifying components from one part or a set of selected parts. When you place the pointer on modified models or modifying components collectors, edges of the respective models are highlighted in the graphics area for quick identification. Click on the preview button to see a preview of the resulting geometric edges in the graphics area. Using additional options you can control datum plane and quilt handling and keep or discard modifying components. Merge—Adds the geometry of selected modifying components into one or several selected parts and merges with their geometry. Intersect—Contains the geometry that is common between the modified and modifying parts. The intersect operation is performed separately for each modifying component in the list.

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