Datum Targets as Standalone Annotations in Model-Based Definition

Datum Targets as Standalone Annotations in Model-Based Definition

You can create datum targets as standalone annotations. They no longer need to be created in the Datum Target annotation feature. If you create a datum target as a standalone annotation, it is added to the annotations group at the top of the Model Tree. Standalone datum target annotations also support some functionality that was previously only available if the annotation was part of an annotation feature. • They can have parameters which you can access by right-clicking the annotation. • They can be designated as control characteristic, which you can access from Options on the Datum Target tab. • They can have multiple semantic references, which you can access from References on the Datum Target tab. • Notifications about problems with standalone datum targets appear in the Notification Center and are identified with status icons in the Model Tree and Detail Tree. • Any missing annotation references are also identified in the References dialog box.

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