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Realistic Bump Mapping
Manipulating HDR Images
Evaluating Connections in Technical Surfacing
Isoline Curve in Style
Sweep Geometry in Style
Joining Freestyle Geometry
Aligning Freestyle Geometry
Using the User Interface for Creating Notes
Using the User Interface for Creating Dimensions
Identifying Read Only Features
Using Reorder Functionality
Chordal Rounds
Untrimming When Copying Surfaces
Storing Changes in Design Exploration
Using Design Exploration
Check for 3D Thickness
Improved Draft Analysis
Reorienting the Model
Export to EDA
  • Export to EDA

  • PTC Creo Schematics
  • |
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  • Introductory Level
  • |
  • Jim Barrett-Smith
  • You can export design sheets to EDA format. You can export all sheets, the current sheet, or selected sheets. When prompted to update the graphical information, selecting Update updates all graphical information ... (Show more)
Improved User Interface
  • Improved User Interface

  • PTC Creo Schematics
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  • |
  • Introductory Level
  • |
  • Jim Barrett-Smith
  • "Enhancements to the Creo Schematics user interface are highlighted in the list below: • Click File and you can see a list of recently opened design files. Click the pin icon to pin or unpin an item ... (Show more)