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Parting surface - Shut Off & Shut Off loops
Parting surface - Shut Off & Exclude loops
Parting surface - Shut Off
Parting surface - Extend Curve and Fill Loops
Creating parting line with silhouette curve tool
Locate reference part and create workpiece
Recommendations & Top 5 Recommendations Gadgets
Build and use EMX library component
Mold Opening Simulation
Use existing EMX project as template to create new projects
Creating Drafting Array
Introducing Drafting Dimensions
Creating Feather Keys
Loading a Linear Pattern
Modifying Using Dimensions
Preserving Tangency
Import Conductor Information
Volume Milling based Quasi-Trochoidal toolpath (PTC Live Global 15)
Calculating Clearance Between Components During Motion (PTC Live Global ’15)
Using Import Profiles for Multi-CAD Designs (PTC Live Global ’15)