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All PTC Creo Tutorials

Placing UDFs
Editing Feature References
Creating Driven Dimensions
Editing Features using Edit Definition
Creo Mold Analysis
Sketching with Pictures
  • Sketching with Pictures

  • PTC Creo Direct
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  • Introductory Level
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  • Jillian Wooldridge
  • This demo shows how to use an imported picture to sketch a 2-D profile for a model. After an image has been imported onto a workplane, simple 2-D tools such as the Line/Arc tool, can be used to trace over ... (Show more)
Creating a 3D Bridge Curve
Understanding Sharing and Copying
Creating Curvature Continuous Surfaces
Creating Rotational Blend Surfaces by Sketching Sections
Adding General Views
Showing, Erasing, and Deleting Annotations
Understanding Dynamic Analysis
Creating Fringe Results
Creating Rotational Dimension Patterns
Analyzing Swept Blend Section Options
Analyzing Missing Part Reference Failures
Creating Embedded Datum Features
Exploring Part and Assembly Designs
Assembling Intelligent Fasteners