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Searching Reference Designator
Relating Cable Diameter to Hole Dimensions
Appending Wires and Cables to Branch Bundles
Identifying and Resolving Fixed-Length Failures in Cabling
Design Tracking Is Improved in ECAD–MCAD Collaboration
Associative Drawing Is Imported from Creo Elements/Direct Modeling
Automatic Recognition of Rounds and Chamfers Created in Creo Elements/Direct
New Mini Toolbar
New Geometry Search Tool Tuned for Sheetmetal Design
New Pull Wall Tool
New Edit Bend Tool
New Edit Corner Seam Tool
New Edit Corner Relief Tool
New Edit Bend Relief Tool
Sheet Metal Design Intent Objects for Sheetmetal Design
Flexible Modeling (FMX) in Sheet Metal Parts - Overview
Flat Pattern and Flatten Form Improvements in Sheetmetal Design
Flange Is Improved in Sheetmetal Design
Edge Bend Is Improved in Sheetmetal Design
Dependency Options for Punch Form and Die Form in Sheetmetal Design