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Adding a Table of Contents and Index to a Publication Structure
Navigating the Publication Structure Editor
Viewing Information Structure Content Holder Objects
Opening Content Objects in Related Applications
Adding an sBOM
Navigating the Parts List Editor
Creating a New Information Structure
Navigating the Information Structure Editor
Associating a PCB Board with a Hook Definition
Associating Schematic, Board, and Derived Object Templates
Subscribing to Objects
Reassigning Tasks
  • Reassigning Tasks

  • PTC Windchill PDMLink
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  • Introductory Level
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  • Eric Backos
  • In this tutorial, you learn how to reassign workflow tasks. You take the role of a reviewer and reassign a review task for a particular assembly in Windchill to one of your team members.
Using Advanced Sectioning Features
Exploding Model Components
Sharing PDMLink Objects to a Project
Creating and Searching a Context Network
  • Creating and Searching a Context Network

  • PTC Windchill PDMLink
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  • Intermediate Level
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  • Rajarama Rao Bannengala
  • The organization administrator has been assigned an action item to create a new Drill - 510 Outsourcing program context to manage all of the development efforts including the Drill - 510 Series product, ... (Show more)
Creating User Accounts
Creating a Windchill Organization
Comparing Design and Variant BOMs
Creating New Schematic Designs from a CAD Document Template