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Creating a User Login
Creating a ThingTemplate
  • Creating a ThingTemplate

  • ThingWorx Platform
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  • Introductory Level
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  • David Eberle
  • In this video, you create a Thing Template which implements the VendingMachineShape Thing Shape and can be used to create future individual vending machine Things with greater efficiency.
Creating a Thing
Creating a ThingShape for a Subsystem
Creating a ThingShape
Creating a Property Alert
Creating a Notification Thing
Creating an Organization
Creating an Additional ThingShape to Extend the Vending Machine
Creating a Model Tag Vocabulary with Terms
Creating a Mashup to Display the ThingWorxFeed
Creating a Group
Creating a DataShape for the ThingWorxFeed
Creating a Database Thing
Button Widget
Blog Widget
Adding User Extensions
Adding Remote Thing Properties
Adding a User to a Group
Adding a Model Tag term to an Existing Vocabulary