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Creating a Curve from a Cross Section
Creating Datum Curves Through a Point or Vertex
Placing Flexible Components in an Assembly
Creating UDFs
Adding Detailed Views
Sketcher Workflow Enhancements
Creating Report Tables
Creating a Curve at Surface Intersection
Managing and Editing Appearances
Creating Corner Chamfers
'Creating Composite Curves
Inserting Tables
Sketching Splines
Using Flange Walls
Die Form Features
Copying and Pasting Features
Copying and Pasting Surfaces
Offsetting Surfaces
  • Offsetting Surfaces

  • Creo Parametric
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  • Intermediate Level
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  • Adam Haas
  • In this video tutorial you will learn to offset a surface from another surface, using various options to control the shape of the offset.
Creating Geometry Patterns
Restructuring and Reordering Assembly Components