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Routing Wires using Simple Route
Outside Area Removal
Sketching Lines
Layout Concepts
Adding Module Variants to Configurable Modules
Understanding Interchangeability
  • Understanding Interchangeability

  • Creo Options Modeler
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  • Introductory Level
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  • Seth Tucker
  • Options Modeler utilizes interchangeable components within Configurable Modules where components are setup to be replaceable with each other. You can establish interchangeability within a Configurable ... (Show more)
Assembling Layouts
Utilizing Punch Model Annotations
Assigning Components to Choices
Using Measure Tools
Using Datatables and Datasets
Sketching Rectangles and Parallelograms
Designating Connectors with Entry Port Parameters
Utilizing Layouts in 3-D Models
Managing Design Sheets
Designating Components On-the-Fly
Importing 3D Sections
Sketching using Guides
Routing with Logical Data
Creating Structures in Layout