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Overview of ThingWorx Utilities
  • Overview of ThingWorx Utilities

  • ThingWorx Platform
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  • Introductory Level
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  • David Eberle
  • This video provides an overview of the ThingWorx Utilities available with ThingWorx 7.2. The video will review the purpose of the Workflow Builder, Workflow Manager, Product Relationship Manager, Asset ... (Show more)
Setting Up a Modeled Remote Thing
Navigating the Information Structure Editor
How to Create a ThingTemplate
Examining the Payload Zip File
Adding a Table of Contents and Index to a Publication Structure
Creating a Database Thing
Opening Content Objects in Related Applications
How to Create and Edit a Script
Creating Classified Parts
 Navigating the Publication Structure Editor
Creating a User Login
Setting Visibility
Creating Streams
  • Creating Streams

  • ThingWorx Platform
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  • Introductory Level
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  • David Eberle
  • In this video, you create a Stream. A ThingWorx Stream is a list of activities from Things or data associated with Things. The process value Stream in this exercise is used to log the process values of ... (Show more)
How to use a List Widget
Creating a Mashup to Display the ThingWorxFeed
Creating a Thing
Viewing the Work Instructions
How to Bind Data from One Widget to Another
How to use an LED Display Widget