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Viewing the Work Instructions
Creating a ThingTemplate
How Smart, Connected Products are Transforming Mfg - Part 2 - PTC Live Global 2014 Keynote
Transforming the Value Chain - How Smart, Connected Product Are Transforming Companies
Creating an Organization
Creating Data Tags
Creating a DataShape for the ThingWorxFeed
Adding User Extensions
Creating a ThingShape for a Subsystem
Editing the VendingMachineShape ThingShape
Gauge Widget
Creating an Additional ThingShape to Extend the Vending Machine
Creating the Delete Inventory Service
How to use a Tag Cloud Widget
 Creating a Downstream Equivalent Manufacturing Part
IoT Future Trends in Industry & Education, Keynote Address at Integrated STEM Symposium 2014
Creating a Model Tag Vocabulary with Terms
Creating a Group
Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds Jim Heppelmann, PTC President & CEO - PTC Live Global 2015
IoT Strategic Choices #1 Which Capabilities to Pursue