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All PTC Arbortext Editor Tutorials

Creating Basic Dynamic Dialog Boxes
Enabling Link Elements
Changing Markup in a Topic
Finding and Replacing Text
Basic Text Editing
  • Basic Text Editing

  • PTC Arbortext Editor
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  • Introductory Level
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  • Eric Backos
  • In this exercise, you learn the basic editing functions of Arbortext Editor. You learn how to cut and paste text and tags, as well as how to undo and redo your changes. Arbortext Editor offers more than ... (Show more)
Getting Started with Arbortext Editor
Changing Markup in a Topic
Finding and Replacing Text
Useful Preference Settings in Editor
Creating a basic DITA map using Existing Topics
Creating a simple relationship table
Finding and Replacing Attributes in Editor 6.0
Using Tag Templates in Editor 6.0
Selecting a sample source file
Creating a new Map Template
Creating an Import Project
Promoting and Demoting in the DITA map
Nesting Topics in a DITA map
Creating a Basic DITA Map Using Existing Topics
Creating an Update Button in Arbortext Digital Media Publisher