About PTC University Learning Exchange

PTC University Learning Exchange is the go-to place for free tutorials on PTC products. PTC University developed this website to provide you with direct access to free tutorials created by PTC product experts. We want to share our knowledge with you and make it easy to find the training you need, when you need it. With PTC University Learning Exchange, you can...

  • Explore free, short tutorials
  • Discover ways to get more from the PTC products you use everyday
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Types of tutorials

All tutorials have been created by PTC staff or partners. Some tutorials are excerpts from content we offer in our PTC University eLearning Libraries. Others are contributions from PTC experts, as well as PTC partners, who are enthusiastic about our products and enjoy sharing their knowledge. Thus, videos might not represent the methods recommended in PTC University eLearning Libraries. Also, as there are often multiple ways to accomplish a given task, the tutorials might not always cover all options. We encourage you to discuss any of our tutorial topics on PTC Community or the PTC University page on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

The tutorials’ topics and format (video, with or without sound, text-based instructions) are selected by the individual contributor and represent their field of expertise. If you cannot find the topic you are looking for in your language, you might want to check the other languages for additional tutorials.

Feel free to suggest topics through PTC Community, by email, or via our page on Facebook. We will review and consider your suggestions for future video releases.

Why sign in to watch a tutorial?

PTC University Learning Exchange is a free site. We do require users to log in so we can better measure your interests and more effectively plan for future enhancements of this platform.

By signing in with your PTC.com account, you can track your history, and like tutorials, and even subscribe to be notified about new tutorials. Additional functionality will be added over time.

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