Tutorial: Sectioning Models in ProductView

Sectioning Models in ProductView

Sectioning Models in ProductView

Sectioning components can be a useful tool for visualizing and understanding a model. This tip will go over Sectioning in ProductView and the various functions available within the tool.

  • Select Tools > Sectioning to activate the Sectioning Toolbar and Menu. The Toolbar appears as a vertical Toolbar on the left side of the view window by default and a Sectioning pull down menu is also added. Figure 1 shows the pull down menu.
  • Sectioning can be quickly enabled by selecting the Toggle Sectioning icon from the Toolbar. This will cause the entire model to be sectioned at the center of the model in the X-Y plane. (Ref Figure. 1)
  • The 2D SectionView window may come up. This window displays the cross section and dynamically updates as the section is moved through the model. The scroll bar at the bottom of the window also moves the section through the model. This window can be deactivated or reactivated using the Show Section Window icon. Measurements can be taken in this window the same way they are taken in the model view window. (Ref Figure. 2)
  • Moving the section plane may cause the zoom level of the SectionWindow to change.

This is a result of having the Zoom All on Update icon selected. To maintain a certain zoom level, uncheck this icon. The zoom level will then stay constant in the SectionView window while moving the section plane. (Ref Figure. 3)

  • The Sectioning plane can also be defined by specific plane. Select the Set Section Plane icon so it is depressed, then select a plane (construction geometry or flat surface). Have Pick Target set to Plane (keyboard hotkey l) to select flat planar model geometry. (Ref Figure. 4)
  • The section place can be moved (linearly) through the model by selecting and dragging the Section Boundary. The section can also be rotated by pressing the Shift or Ctrl key and selecting and dragging the Section Boundary. The Shift key will rotate about the major horizontal axis of the section plane and the Ctrl key about the major vertical axis of the section plane. Figure 5 shows the section rotated using the Shift key.

Note: The Section Boundary can be hidden by toggling Show Section Boundary from the Section pull down menu.

  • A point can be specified for which the section plane will go through using the Set Section Point icon. With the icon selected, use the appropriate Pick Target to select a point on the model. The section plane will become a plane parallel to the current section plane and through the selected point.
  • Individual or groups of components can be sectioned within a model. Select the desired components to be sectioned and select the Enable Section icon. (Note: At least one component must be selected to activate the icon.) When a component is set to be Enabled, the Section All Components icon becomes unselected. This results in only the Enabled component(s) to be sectioned. Components can be Enabled and Disable as desired by selecting them and toggling the Enable Section icon. A component that is Enabled will remain Enabled until it is dis-Enabled by selecting the component and deselecting the icon. (Ref Figure. 5)

Note: No components are selected in Figure 6, thus the Enable Section icon is grayed out. However since some components are Enabled, the Section All Components icon is not selected. (Compare to Figure 1)

  • The Switch Side icon flips the geometry to display on the other side of the sectioning plane. Using the Switch Side icon, Figure 6 would become Figure 7. (Ref Figure. 6 & 7)
  • Activating the Quarter Cut icon adds in a second section plane perpendicular to the existing section plane. (Ref Figure. 7)
  • ¼ of the model is cut away (it is not possible to cut away ¾)
  • The planes can be moved and rotated individually to create any shape cutout
  • Components can be Enabled (sectioning only affects certain components) as usual
  • Select the desired section plane so it is highlighted to perform a Switch Sides on it
  • The 2d SectionView window is not applicable to a model in Quarter Cut mode. (Ref Figure. 8)

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