Tutorial: Creating an Arc with the line command

Creating an Arc with the line command

Using the Line/Arc Tool

The Line/Arc tool on the toolbar can be used to switch from a Sketch Line to a Tangent Arc. To achieve this Creo Elements/Direct provides you the “B” key.

  1. Start drawing your sketch using the Line/Arc tool.
  2. Whenever you want an arc that is tangent to the line you just drew, press the “B” key to enter into the Arc mode. You can always get back to the Line mode by pressing the “B” key once again.
  3. The direction of the Arc Tangent is decided by the placement of your cursor when you press the “B” key.

The Arc mode can also be activated/deactivated by clicking the RMB (Right Mouse Button) when you are in the Line/Arc command. The commands are referred as "Bend"/"Unbend".

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