Tutorial: New Geometry Search Tool in Creo Flexible Modeling

New Geometry Search Tool in Creo Flexible Modeling

New Geometry Search Tool in Creo Flexible Modeling

The Geometry Search tool adds powerful searches based on geometry and design intent to Creo Flexible Modeling. You can quickly find similar geometric shapes and surfaces according to geometry types and rules. You can also find rounds, chamfers or sheet metal design objects from within a single, easy-to-use search tool. Then, use the geometry that is found as input for a simultaneous modification such as when using Remove in model defeaturing. Searches can be based on a seed surface or be defined without a seed. When a seed is specified for the search, initial search parameter values are automatically populated based on the characteristics of the seed surface. You can control for each search criteria whether it should update associatively according to changes made to the seed surfaces or stay independent. The search result appears in the Found Geometry list from which you can then make a final selection. By default, all of the found surfaces are selected automatically and a preview is displayed in the graphics window. When defining the search rule, you can specify a variety of criteria depending on the geometry or object type for which are searching. Rules can contain various criteria including the ability to specify search ranges for search parameter values where applicable. You can for example, search for all rounds of radius greater than or equal to 2mm and smaller than or equal to 4mm. You can use the Geometry Search tool for selection before activating a tool (object/action workflow) or after activating a tool (action/object workflow). For the action/object workflow, you can start the geometry search by clicking the Find list at the bottom of the graphics window and then clicking Geometry Search, or by pressing SHIFT+F. With the tool collector active, you can then either add the found surfaces to the selection as individual surfaces or use the search rules as a query for the collector. Tools on the Flexible Modeling tab that support this workflow include Remove, Edit Round, Edit Chamfer, Move, Offset, Substitute, Rounds/Chamfers, Recognize Rounds, Not Rounds, Recognize Chamfers, Not Chamfers) as well as the Datum Reference feature. When there is regeneration, the queries evaluate the search and could then capture for example, a defeaturing procedure. You can also save a query to file and load it back into the Geometry Search tool to use later. Use the new Geometry Search tool in to optimize and significantly accelerate model defeaturing tasks in preparation for 3D Printing or CAE analysis.

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