Tutorial: Weld Connection Improvements in Creo Simulate

Weld Connection Improvements in Creo Simulate

Weld Connection Improvements in Creo Simulate

Weld features are automatically detected in the model. New weld connections are created for all weld features that are found. In the Auto Detect Weld Features dialog box the Override weld feature settings check box is added to the following areas in the dialog box: • Surface-Surface Weld Properties. • Edge-Edge/Edge-Surface Weld Properties There is support for solid welds of the types Fillet Weld, Plug/Slot Weld, Butt Weld, and Spot Weld in Creo Simulate. The new Weld feature is analyzed as solid geometry versus surfaces. As a result of these improvements there is an automated process for creating solid weld objects in Creo Simulate for every weld feature in the model.

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