Tutorial: Creo Parametric Modeling Essentials: Core

Creo Parametric Modeling Essentials: Core

In this introductory course, you will learn how to model parts using Creo Parametric, a CAD platform used by engineers and designers across the globe. Skills include learning the UI and basic navigation, creating new parts, using Sketcher, creating basic 3-D geometry, and assigning materials and calculating mass properties.


  1. UI and basic navigation

  2. Creating new parts

  3. Using sketcher

  4. Creating basic 3-D geometry

  5. Assigning materials

  6. Calculating mass properties

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Learn Creo 3.0 Tips! Free White Paper Download

Free Tips & Tricks for Creo 3.0

This white paper shares a couple of tricks for Creo 3.0 from our experienced PTC University instructors that you won’t find in the manuals. Tips include: • One-Click Switching Between Windows • Viewing Geometry From Another Angle • Simplifying the Smart Filter
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